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AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit+BoostJuice+Injection Filter+Wideband UEGO Gauge

AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit+BoostJuice+Injection Filter+Wideband UEGO Gauge

You are bidding on a Brand New Set of AEM And Snow Performance


AEM - Digital Wideband UEGO AFR Gauge
AEM - Water/Methanol Injection Filter
AEM - Water/Methanol Injection Kit
Snow Performance - Methanol Injection Boost Juice Set of 4

1-) Part Number: AEM - 30-4110

AEM’s legendary Digital Wideband O2 AFR UEGO Gauge is a wideband UEGO air/fuel ratio controller (AFR) and gauge in one. It unites accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, digital LED display and sweeping LED “needle” that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean.

NOTE: The 30-4100 Wideband UEGO Gauge Controller that uses the Bosch 4.2 LSU sensor will be superseded to the 30-4110 Wideband UEGO Gauge Controller that uses the Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor in August 2014. Instructions for the 30-4100 will still be available in the Instructions tab after this change.


Interchangeable black and white faceplates included for customizing gauge appearance (digital gauges only)
Bosch 4.9 LSU wideband sensor and weld-in bung included (PN 30-4110)
No free air sensor calibration required - ever
Interchangeable black and silver bezels included
Interchangeable black and white faceplates included
52mm (2-1/16”) gauge housing
0-5v analog output (10-20 AFR range only)

2-) Part Number: AEM - 30-3003

AEM’s Water/Methanol Injection Filter can filter particulates as small as 40 microns. It protects the working parts of the water/methanol system and the engine from particulates in the water/methanol mixture when installed in-line before the water/methanol pump, and can be used on virtually any water/methanol injection system using ¼” OD tubing.

3-) Part Number: AEM - 30-3300

Water/methanol injection for forced induction (turbocharged or supercharged) gas-powered race engines is a proven means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. This allows racers to reliably increase boost and advance ignition timing—without using high-octane racing fuel—for power gains of up to 20%. AEM’s Water/Methanol Injection Systems utilize the most robust hardware combined with more advanced features than any other comparably priced water/methanol system.

4-) Part Number: Snow Performance - 40008 (includes 4 Gallons of Boost Juice)

Boost Juice™ is Snow Performance’s proprietary mix of 49% methanol and 51% purified water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are accurate to result in a high performance water-methanol fluid formulated for use in the Boost Cooler™ injection system. Boost Juice is required as the exclusive fluid for lifetime warranty.

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