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Avo Turbo Solid Rear Stabilizer Bar 20mm For Legacy-Outback 05-09-S1X03G1HS020J

Avo Turbo Solid Rear Stabilizer Bar 20mm For Legacy-Outback 05-09-S1X03G1HS020J

The AVO designed 20mm solid rear stabilizer bar is a big improvement over the original stabilizer bar fitted to the Libity GT and Outback XT. Adjustable for roll resistance, it improves turn-in, removes body roll in corners, and works very well with the standard 21mm front stabilizer bar. A must have!


Includes 20mm Polyurethane stabilizer mount bushings
Solid bar design
2 adjustments to fine tune your setup


2005 - 2009 Legacy
2005 - 2009 Outback


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