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DiabloSport 7102 Predator 2 Performance Program Tuner for F150-F-250 Super Duty

DiabloSport 7102 Predator 2 Performance Program Tuner for F150-F-250 Super Duty

Get a rock solid performance upgrade for your F-Series gas pickup or SUV running the DiabloSport 93 Octane tune on your Predator! In about 10 minutes, you can increase your horsepower, torque and fuel economy without even going under the hood to install other performance mods.

If you have an EcoBoost truck, you can expect gains of up to 54 horsepower over stock along with a huge gain in torque. Naturally aspirated F150 and F250 trucks can see power gains up to 38 horsepower, with a significant increase in mid-range torque, towing performance, and fuel economy. The Predator will let you adjust your truck's tire size, reset the speedometer for aftermarket gears, and remove the top speed limiter with a simple plug and play OBD-II program! Get a massive performance boost and increased mileage running a Predator Performance programmer today!


Data Logging
Check and Clear DTCs
Internet updateable using free Ignition Update software
Calibrate Speedometer for Tire Size
Cooling Fan Control
Rev Limiter
Accepts Custom Tuning Files from DiabloSport CMR Software
Active fuel management control
Adjust speed & rev limiters
Compatible with other performance upgrades
Easy to use 5 button interface
Eliminate downshifting when climbing hills Speedometer correction for changes in tire size and gear ratio
High-definition, 2.8" color screen
Increased memory with faster processor for improved tuning & updating speed
Performance tuning for Economy, Towing, Daily Driving, & Extreme Tuning

This product is not compatible with export Ford models. This product will only work on vehicles designed for use in the United States.

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