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DiabloSport Mafia Mass Air Flow Interface Calibrator for F-150 - Mustang  F7373

DiabloSport Mafia Mass Air Flow Interface Calibrator for F-150 - Mustang F7373

The DiabloSport MAFia F7370 provides real world plug and play control of your vehicle's Mass Air Meter (MAF) on 1996-2004 Ford Gas Applications. Mafia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage eliminating the need for Pre-fabricated custom MAF sensors. High horse power applications require custom tuning, or for stock applications the MAFia features 5% lean 5% rich The MAFia uses factory connectors and harnesses to attenuate the signal to a vehicle's MAF, and allows vehicles with stock MAFs to run beyond the standard 5 Volts. When a vehicle normally reaches 5 volts, it "pegs the meter" or maxes out the signal, keeping the vehicle from making peak horse power at high RPM.. The MAFia attenuates this signal, and will allow a vehicle to make up to 800 RWHP without "pegging the meter."

WARNING: This product is not street legal and may only be used on Racing Vehicles. Racing Vehicles must be used exclusively for racing or other forms of competition. Racing vehicles must not be registered and must never be used on the street. It is illegal to install this product on a registered vehicle and use it on the street.


Extends the range of stock Ford MAF sensor past the 5 Volt Limit
Eliminates the need to install an aftermarket MAF in most situations
Allows you to maintain the repeatability and reliability of the stock Ford MAF system
CMR Tuning software has purpose built settings for easy MAFia tuning
Designed for Forced induction or high performance builds up to 800 horsepower

Not available for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles in the state of California.

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