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Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit Silver Core For 2015 Mustang EcoBoost

Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit Silver Core For 2015 Mustang EcoBoost


For the first time in over 30 years, the iconic Ford Mustang is available with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing over 300 horsepower! Turbocharged 4-cylinder engines produce extremely hot charge air temperatures very quickly within a few laps on the track or aggressive street driving and stock tube-and-fin intercoolers also heat soak very easily. Mishimoto has developed a highly efficient bar-and plate intercooler engineered specifically for the Mustang EcoBoost to keep your air intake temperatures consistently low, run after run. This kit also includes both hot-side and cold-side intercooler pipes, allowing you to upgrade the entire intercooler system at one time!

This intercooler is a direct-fit unit and features a 58% increase in core size while requiring no modification to your Mustang. The Engineers at Mishimoto designed this intercooler to fit with the stock active grille shutters, as well as prevent airflow blockage to the radiator and AC condenser by mounting it in the stock location. This cooler is constructed with cast end tanks that are CFD tested for maximum airflow and includes an in-tank air diverter, on the hot side, to provide optimal flow through the intercooler. The Mustang EcoBoost Performance Intercooler reduces intake temperatures by 35°F (19.45°C) with minimal pressure loss, has a 25% increase in internal core volume and 165% increase in external fin surface area, providing maximum cooling for your Mustang. This intercooler features precision TIG-welding and is available with a Sleek Silver or Stealth Black finish.

This kit features 2.5"" hot-side and 2.75” cold-side mandrel-bent aluminum piping for smooth airflow, and four-layer silicone couplers with heat-resistant embedded fibers for improved tolerance against heat and pressure. This kit also includes high-quality stainless steel T-bolt clamps for consistent and reliable holding power. The precision CNC-machined BPV flange allows you to retain the stock BPV. As with all our 2015 Mustang parts, the Mishimoto EcoBoost Intercooler incudes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Direct fit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost

35°F (19.45°C) reduction in AIT

58% increase in core size

25% increase in internal core volume & 165% increase in external fin surface area

Replaces hot-side and cold-side intercooler pipes and couplers

Cast end tanks and in-tank diverter provide optimal flow through intercooler

Stock location prevents airflow blockage to radiator and AC condenser

Installs in under 2 hours without having to remove front bumper cover

Retains stock active grille shutters, maintaining ideal aerodynamics when cooling demands are lower

Bar-and-plate construction with all-aluminum TIG-welded end tanks

2.5" hot-side and 2.75" cold-side mandrel-bent aluminum pipes eliminate restrictive bends

CNC-machined BPV flange on hot-side pipe allows for quick install of stock or stock-style BPVs

Intercooler available in Stealth Black or Sleek Silver finish

Pipes available with a polished silver or wrinkle black finish

Fits with the Mishimoto Ford Mustang EcoBoost Oil Cooler Kit

Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Intercooler Construction 
Bar-and-plate with cast end tanks

Overall Size 
30.3" x 6.8" x 8.0"

Core Size 
21.06" x 5.75" x 5.28"

Product Weight 
19.85lbs / 9.00 kgs

Tank Wall Thickness 


Pipe Construction 
Mandrel-Bent Aluminum

Pipe Diameter 
2.5" (Hot-Side) 
2.75" (Cold-Side)

Installation Torque Specs 
27 in-lbs (3N*M) recommended for all t-bolt and constant tension t-bolt clamps. These clamps have an operating range of 18-35 in-lbs (2-4N*M). Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 35 in-lbs (4N*M).

Purchase Includes 
(1) Mishimoto Intercooler 
(1) Aluminum Pipe w/ CNC-Machined NPT Bung 
(1) Aluminum Pipe w/ CNC-Machined BPV Flange 
(4) Silicone Couplers 
(1) 2.0" T-Bolt Clamp 
(4) 2.75" T-Bolt Clamps 
(3) 3.0" T-Bolt Clamps 
(1) M6 x 1.0 x 20mm Flange Bolt 
(1) M4 x 0.7 x 12mm Button Head Bolt 
(1) M4 Lock Washer 
(1) MAP Sensor O-Ring 
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

15+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Engine Codes 
2.3L EcoBoost

Chassis Codes 


This intercooler is rated for approximately 550 whp. Exceeding these horsepower limits could require a custom-size front-mount intercooler.

Fitment Information provided by Mishimoto:
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3 Liter 6R80
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3 Liter MT82
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium 2.3 Liter 6R80
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium 2.3 Liter MT82

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