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Whiteline Rack & Pinion Mount Bushing- Front Steering -  W11970

Whiteline Rack & Pinion Mount Bushing- Front Steering - W11970

Mount - suits models with 50mm OD rack housing 
Kits Required: 1

Power steering, aggressive wheel alignment geometry, wider wheels and lower profile tyres have all put radically increased loadings on the steering systems of modern cars. Add to that engine bat contaminants such as oil leaks that also help to degrade the performance of steering rack mount bushings. Whiteline steering rack mounts are engineered to outlast and enhance steering precision and feedback.

Kit Specifications

Bush Type     4 1
Bush Qty     1 4
OD AA/AB     57 mm 30.2 mm
IDB              50.5 mm 19 mm
LC               40.5 mm 14.1 mm
FLD               5 mm 3.8 mm
FLOD - -
C/TubeQTY - 2
C/TubeSize - 19x12.2x27 mm

Vehicle Applications

LEXUS GS300, GS400 JZS160, UZS161(1997-9/2000)
LEXUS GS300, GS400 JZS160, UZS161(10/2000-2005)
LEXUS SC300, SC400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000)
LEXUS SOARER SC400, CS400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000)
TOYOTA ARISTO JZS160(1997-2005)
TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80(1/1993-2002)

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